Updated: 2013-05-23 07:49

(China Daily)

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Philippines' action irrational

Comment on "Taiwan demands Filipino apology for fisherman's death"(China Daily, May 13)

I condemn the Philippines coast guard for killing a Chinese fisherman. The Filipino government and security forces must respond like civilized beings in sensitive situations instead of shooting people. But I think most Filipino people are nice and hard working. I have had the occasion to know many Filipinos in the 20 years that I have lived in the United States. And there is reason to think that most of them are equally disappointed with their government.

Aria1117, on China Daily website

Argentina calling Chinese firms

Comment on "China, Argentina vow to enhance ties" (China Daily, May 11)

Argentina can substantially increase the output of its agricultural products such as soybeans, corn, wheat and other food grains. Besides, it is already a major producer of beef and dairy products.

Chinese companies should, therefore, think of starting large-scale joint ventures to produce non-genetically modified soybeans, corn, wheat, barley and rice for Argentina's market as well as to export to China. They can also produce beef, pork, lamb, and milk products.

Hwang, on China Daily website

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