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Updated: 2013-05-23 07:47

(China Daily)

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Photo: Herdswomen from Damxung county sing as part of performances in a park in Lhasa, the Tibet autonomous region, on Wednesday, to mark the 62nd anniversary of the peaceful liberation of Tibet.

Buzzword: Desk rage refers to when stress levels peak among office workers, leading to shouting and coarse language in the workplace.

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Video: Dustpan painting is a style that expresses an exaggerated or distorted version of life with a hint of local flavor. In the style, which originated in the small village Duzhai, in Guiyang, Guizhou province, members of China's Bouyei ethnic group use a brush to illustrate a variety of things.

Travel: Cultural and natural sites are treasures from the past and are expected to be passed down to future generations. However, many of the world's wonders are currently suffering both natural and manmade threats. Climate change and human encroachment mean that these attractions we can still visit today may no longer be there in the (near) future.

(China Daily 05/23/2013 page3)