Growing the city's bioscience R&D

Updated: 2013-06-06 06:20

By Hao nan (China Daily)

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Growing the city's bioscience R&D

Located in Chengdu's high-tech zone, the company offers international-standard R&D. Shown here is the sixth Europe-China Roundtable on Science and Technology and Innovation, held in Chengdu in October 2011.

Local ChemPartner team delivers results more cost effective

When Chen Yuanwei talked about the high-tech industries, a most frequently used word was "talent".

"Talented people are crucial to companies that require advanced technologies as well as continuous researches and innovation," said Chen, general manager of Chengdu ChemPartner Co Ltd, at an interview with China Daily.

Chengdu has many prestigious universities, medical colleges and research institutions that can nurture a considerable number of high quality graduates each year, he noted.

"That's the reason why more and more foreign companies have moved their offices or set up new research bases in Chengdu."

And, he believes the upcoming Fortune Global Forum will furthermore show the city's edges to the world, serving as a unique chance to promote the local attraction to foreign investments.

Began his career in Chengdu in 2008, Chen introduced that ChemPartner is a service outsourcing company that mainly focuses on the biological medical research and development.

The company headquartered in Shanghai provides "customer-oriented R&D on products and technologies in the field," according to the general manager.

"We now have more than 80 companies as clients in Chengdu, including 16 Fortune Global 500 companies and many Chinese famed pharmaceutical factories," he said. The company has developed such medicines as treating diabetes, cancers and cardiovascular diseases, Chen said.

When briefed the latest information of biological medicine, Chen said that China is now striving to promote the industrial development.

"The industry has a bright prospect and great market potential, with an annual increase rate of nearly 20 percent in turnover these years."

ChemPartner has a young but strong and innovative research team, Chen added.

"We have about 200 researchers, with an average age of 26, and over 60 percent hold master degrees or PhDs from across the country and 13 are returned specialists after studying abroad," he noted.

So, "our research team allows the company to provide services that are good in quality and low in price," said Chen.Parallel with foreign counterparts in research results, but the price will be two thirds or 75 percent lower than that of those companies, he noted.

Chengdu government has shown a supportive attitude to the high-tech industries and the people who will boost these industries, according to Chen.

"The company locates at the city's high-tech zone, where the administrative committee offered some preferential policies," he said.

"For instance, it has helped build an advanced analysis laboratory boasting diverse testing equipment.

"Some are very expensive, which enables us to provide medical-related testing services to hospitals and research institutes that can not afford those expensive instruments," he noted.

Due to the government subsidies, services are provided at a very low price, he said.

Chengdu has witnessed an improved business environment in past years.

The city will also promote its internationalization in the future, especially in field of air transportation, Chen said.

"It will significantly boost the company's business if Chengdu has more direct flights to foreign countries," he noted.

Moreover, Chen also said there is a goal that exists throughout his career.

"I want to bring Chengdu's biological medicine to a new height and develop more effective home-made medicines to reduce the costs to benefit Chinese people," he added.

Growing the city's bioscience R&D

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