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Updated: 2013-06-27 06:47

(China Daily)

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Video: Wild Beijing, an eight-part series, will explore Beijing's wildlife and the people trying to conserve it. Part one follows conservationist and artist Li Li during a patrol of a stretch of river in the capital's Fangshan district.

Bilingual: Tourists and residents in Singapore have been told to minimize their exposure to the city's smog and to avoid outdoor activities, putting many attractions off-limits.

Photo: Mirror house art pops up in east London

Hot words: China shares extended losses on Tuesday, sinking to their lowest levels since early 2009, with the financial sector again hard hit on expectations that an official crackdown on easy credit and tighter funding conditions will persist.

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Immature US diplomacy: If any nation was found to be doing the things that the United States has been doing to other countries through its spy network, then the least the Americans would expect is an explanation. It seems very clear by the actions of the US that there is no suitable explanation, and if this is the case then the US needs to apologize and come clean.

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