Places you can cool off

Updated: 2013-07-29 07:08

(China Daily)

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Public libraries: quiet and cultural places most popular with students and intellectuals. During the summer vacation, a variety of educational activities are organized for children. Libraries can be crowded on weekends, when the hallways may be full of people sitting out the heat.

Supermarkets and shopping malls: top choice of adults. The temperatures remain around 27 C at these venues and people won't be turned away even if they don't shop. However, shop owners alert people of the dress code, including no bare chests.

Indoor and outdoor swimming pools: an ideal choice for those who like splashing in water. Swimmers are advised to pay close attention to the quality of water in the pool. Sample tests have shown some pools fail to meet water quality standards, partly because some swimmers answer the call of nature in the water.

Cinemas: an ideal place to seek shelter from the heat while enjoying the latest blockbuster. Some theatergoers may feel too cold in their summer garments because of the high-powered air-conditioners. Customers are advised to select cinemas that offer blanket rental services.

(China Daily USA 07/29/2013 page4)