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Updated: 2013-08-15 08:05

(China Daily)

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Photo: Divers wearing oxygen tanks play mahjong underwater in a swimming pool to avoid the scorching heat in Xiangtan, Hunan province. The temperature was 29 C at 5.5 meters deep and 11 C at 10 meters deep.

Bilingual: The Missouri State Fair on Monday imposed a lifetime ban on a rodeo clown whose depiction of President Barack Obama being charged by a bull was widely criticized by Democratic and Republican officials. Fair officials say they're also reviewing whether to take any action against the Missouri Rodeo Cowboy Association, the contractor responsible for Saturday's event, The Associated Press reported.

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China and World: Film director Oliver Stone, who is no stranger to controversy, turned from his sharp attacks on the United States for its atomic bombings of Japan to criticize his Japanese hosts for their attitude to China and other Asian neighbors, The Wall Street Journal reported. In a speech to foreign correspondents in Tokyo, Stone said Japan needs to more completely apologize for its wartime acts and it should also resist a shift to relying on military might.

(China Daily USA 08/15/2013 page3)