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Updated: 2013-09-06 07:05

(China Daily)

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Anti-rumor campaign 打击谣言 (da ji yao yan)

The rapid development of social media over the past few years has opened up space for public discourse and helped channel people's appeal, but it can also helped spread rumors and false information, which mislead the public and could disrupt social order. In some cases, social media try to defame people and invade their privacy.

Anti-rumor campaign is now gaining speed in China, with various efforts urged to clean up the cyberspace. Public security authorities have already detained some people on allegations of "fabricating and spreading rumors online".

Beijing police recently closed a company and placed two of the company's executives in criminal detention for illegally profiting by fabricating and spreading false information.

On an Internet forum held on Aug 10, the State Internet Information Office urged celebrities with huge followings on social media to set good examples of appropriate Internet behaviors, given that they can exert unexpectedly negative influence if they forward unverified information online.

It is reported that a bottom line for online speech was agreed on among the opinion leaders and is described as strict adherence to the law, the socialist system, morality and authenticity of information, as well as the protection of national interest, the public's legal rights and interests, and social order.

(China Daily USA 09/06/2013 page16)