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Updated: 2013-09-16 08:20

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Watchdog taking tips on holiday corruption

China's top discipline watchdog has announced a website and telephone number for reporting officials who use public funds to purchase gifts, host banquets or take tours during Mid-Autumn Festival and National Day holidays. The Central Commission for Discipline Inspection of the Communist Party of China said it will conduct timely investigations into corruption, extravagance and waste by officials and Party agencies during the holiday period. People can report poor behavior by dialing 12388 or visiting

Rubber Duck copycat damaged in storm

A copycat of Florentijn Hofman's giant Rubber Duck was damaged in a rainstorm at Yuyuantan Park, Beijing Evening News reported on Sunday. The copycat was set up at the park on Sept 5, the day before Hofman's artwork appeared at Beijing Garden Expo Park. The Yuyuantan Park administration said the copycat was too severely damaged by a storm on Thursday to be exhibited again.


Movie to highlight organ donations

China's first movie on organ donation, The Gift of Life, started shooting on Sunday in Qingdao. The movie, which aims to raise awareness of the organ donation system, portrays a surgeon who helps find suitable organs for patients who need organ transplants. Hong Kong actress Athena Chu and actor Max Mok will appear in the movie, which is produced by the Chinese Red Cross and China National Culture and Art Co Ltd.


Students get lessons in personal safety

More than 1,200 freshmen from Wuhan University enjoyed a lesson in personal safety and self-defense on Saturday, China News Service reported on Sunday. Police officers from Wuhan Municipal Public Security Bureau acted out scenarios to show students how theft and sexual harassment can occur in public places such as on public transport and the street. They showed students how to protect themselves and how to avoid other potential dangers such as fire and fraud.


6 officials punished for accepting escorts

Three procurators and three government officials in Shanxi province were removed from Party posts for accepting escort services from karaoke bar hostesses on Aug 7, Xinhua News Agency reported. Wen Xiaoping, deputy procurator-general of the Provincial People's Procuratorate, and two procurators in Taiyuan, the provincial capital, were disciplined, along with three city-level officials. The investigation cleared six additional officials.


Shanghai NYU releases enrollment plan

Shanghai New York University announced its enrollment plan for the 2014 academic year on Friday. Student admissions will remain unchanged, with 151 from the Chinese mainland and 149 from other countries and areas. Students should submit applications and materials before Jan 1. Excellent students will be invited to campus for further evaluation.


Wild monkey reported in downtown Guiyang

A wild macaque monkey was spotted in downtown Guiyang on Thursday, frightening residents. The monkey was first seen on a bridge near Guiyang Medical University, Guizhou City News reported. A photo posted online showed the monkey sitting on the top of a trash can. The animal may have come to the city in search of food, the report said.

Village official vows to protect culture

Yu Jianrong, a professor of sociology at the Chinese Academy of Social Sciences, has been named the chief assistant of Anzhang, a village in Guizhou province, Guizhou Evening News reported on Sunday. Yu confirmed the news on his micro blog account. He said his aim was to help protect the culture of the local Bouyei ethnic group, and he will not ask the local government for any reward or payment for his work, the report said.


Proposals made for more eco-city spending

Government officials and ecologists are encouraging more private investment to create an eco-city, which will require a large amount of capital and human resources. At an eco-city forum in Tianjin on Sunday, Zong Guoying, vice-mayor and head of the Tianjin Binhai New District, said government investment in environmental protection is still far from enough, and he suggested inviting more investment from nongovernmental sectors. He said that the environment can be improved only when investment in the environment is at least 3 percent of the GDP.


Bus-truck collision kills 16 people in Dazhou

Sixteen people were killed in a road accident in Dazhou, Sichuan province, at 1:20 pm on Sunday. A passenger bus collided with a truck, and then fell off a bridge. The bus was carrying 24 people. By press time, 16 bodies had been recovered. Four survivors were badly injured, and others had minor injuries. Rescue efforts were continuing.

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