Company Special: Fissler Academy brings spice of life to nation's food lovers

Updated: 2013-09-18 07:48

By Huang Mengxin (China Daily)

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Fissler, one of the world's leading brands for high-quality cookware, is making its presence felt in China through a series of cooking events and educational programs.

The 168-year-old German global authority on kitchens is presenting a "feast for eyes" with a show that opened on Tuesday at the Shanghai No 1 Yaohan Department Store and will last through Sept 26.

The show, which draws its inspiration from the Arabian Nights, aims to create a wonderland with its high-quality cookware.

Statues made of Fissler cookware on display reproduce characters and animals taken from the classic collection of centuries-old folk tales. Various installations, music, dance and magic are combined to create an exotic world for visitors.

Company Special: Fissler Academy brings spice of life to nation's food lovers

Children develop an interest in cooking at Fissler Academy. Photos Provided to China Daily

Company Special: Fissler Academy brings spice of life to nation's food lovers

A statue made of kitchenware is displayed at a Fissler exhibition held from Sept 17 to 26 in Shanghai.

Company Special: Fissler Academy brings spice of life to nation's food lovers

A trainer gives a lesson to cooking enthusiasts at the academy.

Company Special: Fissler Academy brings spice of life to nation's food lovers

The exhibition is part of the company's Fissler Academy initiative. The management unveiled the concept on Tuesday, with a big bang at a gala dinner in Shanghai.

As market leader with product innovation and high quality, Fissler is continuously looking at adding values in the market through its services.

The Fissler Academy is aimed at cultivating personal hobbies and grooming, developing the interest of children to learn to cook since young, and also serving as a platform for young professional chefs to learn and exchange experiences.

At Fissler Academy, people can learn cooking skills, learn the finer things of life and make friends, said Markus Kepka, global CEO of Fissler Germany.

Children, adults and professional chefs alike can all discover the joy of cooking in the academy, Kepka added.

For children, the academy will inspire them to take an interest in cooking. Adults who want to hone their cooking skills can choose from a variety of courses, as well.

Company Special: Fissler Academy brings spice of life to nation's food lovers

Besides cooking classes, there are also classes on wine appreciation, coffee and tea appreciation, dining table decoration, table manners and nutrition classes.

Participants will also be given certificates after completion of comprehensive course, said Kepka.

The academy is also a place for elite chefs to exchange knowledge, where international renowned chefs will also be invited to give seminars to aspiring young professional chefs.

In addition to educational courses, Fissler Academy includes such events as the 2013 Children Cooking Competition the company has just wrapped up, which attracted many young chefs.

Pans specially designed for children and mini kitchen counters were prepared by Fissler for the contest.

Hundreds of children displayed their cooking skills and creativity during the nationwide audition, including preliminary contests that lasted for eight weeks.

Six young, budding chefs entered the final competition in Shanghai, and Pan Tong, a 10-year-old boy from Qingdao, Shandong province, claimed the title "Little Fissler Cooking Angel" in the end.

It is the fourth time Fissler has organized the contest, which was first held in 2010.

"Children may be naughty and unpredictable, but their creativity, DIY ability and spirit of exploration can be unlimited," said Kepka, who watched the final contest on site.

Besides being opened to the public and its existing customers, Fissler Academy is also a place for the company's internal staff.

Employees will be educated on cooking tips, selling and management skills and personal grooming in order for them to upgrade themselves while working in the company, Kepka proudly elaborated.

To add to the credibility and prestige of the academy, Fissler China has invited a panel of six international heavyweights from the industry to be their international advisors.

They include Markus Kepka himself as well as Harald Wuesthof, owner and CEO of Wuesthof, Holger Raithel, owner and CEO of Kahla porcelain, Richard Voit, managing director of Nachtmann glassware, Paul Pairet, founder of Ultraviolet and Mr & Mrs Bund from Shanghai which recently won the top 50 restaurants in the world and Jacky Yu, founder of Xi Yan restaurant from Hong Kong.

"This panel of advisors altogether bring in many years of valuable experiences for cooking and dining", Kepka said.

Fissler has injected many "fashion factors" during its promotion in China, which attracted many people, especially the youth.

As living standards continue to improve, increasing numbers of Chinese people are pursuing luxury lifestyles. And the people of this nation are willing to try and embrace new things, Kepka said.

With its advanced concepts, Fissler has been leading the development of the cookware industry in the country, he said.

Since it first entered China in October 2004 with a subsidiary in Shanghai, Fissler has enjoyed rapid growth in the Chinese market.

Currently, the company has 250 special counters in high-end department stores in more than 40 cities across the country.

And the Chinese market has been playing a more and more important role for Fissler.

Fissler has cultivated a large group of loyal fans in China through all kinds of activities.

Today, the brand stands for cooking with pleasure and passion and is one of the world's leading brands for high-quality cookware.

Asia is currently Fissler's biggest export region and continues to display high annual rates of growth.

Pots and pans are particularly in demand in Asia, where Fissler products have become prestige objects.

Besides its own products, Fissler is also the exclusive partner of many other top European houseware brands such as Wuesthofs knives, Kahla porcelain, Nachtmann wine glasses all from Germany and also Herend hand made porcelain from Hungry, Simplehuman and Chilewich from America.

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