Kids have no power to protect themselves

Updated: 2013-09-20 16:11

(China Daily)

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Note: Ge Yun, 32, a housewife and mother of a 4-year-old son in Beijing, has quit using a micro blog for some time and is also considering using her Wechat more discreetly.

I became a fan of micro blogs and Wechat a long time ago, almost as the two applications were born several years ago. But now I gradually lost interest in them and felt unsafe in the online platforms.

In the beginning, I excitedly shared my son's photos on my micro blog, hoping my friends could understand my feelings, but later I deleted all of them.

I found it had many security risks, because I was always disturbed by zombie fans who sent me lots of spam and I could not escape information I did not like.

Kids have no power to protect themselves

Sometimes when I got involved with the software, it was hard for me to distinguish whether the information was friendly, which was dangerous actually.

After all, a child is too young to know how disordered the world may be and he has no enough power to protect himself. Considering that, I wiped out the micro blogs.

With the experience of weibo, I became very careful on Wechat and persuaded mothers around me not to share children's photos on the Internet.

But some of the parents did not care, which may depend on their open-minded nature.

Now, I rarely read my micro blog and just forward some interesting stories, while on Wechat I only share feelings in words instead of pictures, avoiding releasing any information of my son, such as his kindergarten's name.

In addition, I don't want to lose my posted information and photos that may disappear when the smartphone system or network dies.

(China Daily 09/20/2013 page3)