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Updated: 2013-09-30 08:05

(China Daily)

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I take this Friendship Award seriously. I've been in Tibet for 15 years, and it's wonderful to be acknowledged. I'm very grateful. I would like to spend the rest of my life here if I could.

Michael james Parent, Canada, of the Disabled Persons' Federation of Tibet autonomous region

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I've been working in China for more than 20 years. Winning the award is acknowledgment of my work here. I'm very glad and proud of winning it. I've learned that most of the winners are from the fields of science. I'm working in the field of vocational education. I'm very glad that I can win this government award for working in such a common field.

Albrecht Flor, Germany, of Jiuquan Vocational and Technical College

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Working in China has been a most rewarding experience. I used to work more on the industrial side, but coming to China under the 1,000 Talent Plan let me research and get involved with more academic work. I now educate and work with the wonderful young people here, and am feeling young and energetic again myself.

Noel Clarence White, Australia, of the Ore Deposit and Exploration Center at the Hefei University of Technology

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It's inevitable that the Chinese swimming team will become one of the best. It's exciting to work with the athletes. They have a desire to win and work extremely hard. For athletes of the same talent, it's the desire and mentality that makes a difference. Over the last 10 years, the swimming team has come a long way. It's a snowball effect and keeps getting bigger.

Denis William Cotterell, Australia, of General Administration of Sport

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China is the best place to do science right now. It has the resources, and not just the funding, but also the system and diversity that science needs. To do science, it's all about the ecosystem. We have so much creative freedom here. It's China science dream.

Samantha Jenkins, the United Kingdom, of the College of Chemistry and Chemical Engineering of Hunan Normal University

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(China Daily USA 09/30/2013 page6)