Smart parking lot to open soon in Beijing

Updated: 2016-04-08 08:01

By Wang Xiaodong(China Daily USA)

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A multistory parking lot that can be accessed by mobile phone app is expected to open in Beijing before the end of the month.

Similar parking lots may be introduced across the city to relieve serious traffic congestion and a severe shortage of parking spaces, according to the operator.

Ma Limin, chairman of Beijing Easy Parking Static Transport Investment Co, a private company in Beijing, said the lot provides 64 parking spaces and is located near a hospital in Tongzhou district.

It has passed an initial inspection by the district authority, Ma said.

Compared with traditional multistory lots, the new one is fully automatic and drivers can complete the process of locating parking spaces, parking their cars and retrieving them by accessing a mobile phone app developed by the company, Ma added.

Few of the multistory lots in Beijing are operated automatically, causing difficulties for drivers using them, according to media reports.

There were 2.9 million parking spaces for motor vehicles in Beijing by the end of 2014, but 3.8 million were needed, according to transportation authorities in the capital.

For drivers of electric cars, which are increasing rapidly in Beijing, each parking space at the new lot is equipped with a charging pole, Ma said.

Fees at the lot will be similar to or even lower than those at nearby lots, at about 4 yuan (60 US cents) an hour during the day, Ma said.

"We are considering negotiating with government departments in other districts to build more such lots in Beijing, so that we can provide 500,000 parking spaces," he said.

There were more than 5.5 million motor vehicles in Beijing by the end of last year, according to the transportation authorities, and severe traffic congestion and a lack of parking spaces has been a serious problem.

Chen Yanyan, a professor of transportation studies at Beijing University of Technology, said, "Such intelligent multistory parking lots can be useful in many places such as old residential areas, where it is difficult to build underground lots.

"If the new lot is well received, it may be adopted in some other areas of Beijing." Chen also said the supply of parking spaces in crowded central urban areas should be restricted to discourage the use of cars to ease serious congestion.

 Smart parking lot to open soon in Beijing

The new parking lot in Beijing's Tongzhou district has 64 spaces and is located near a hospital. Yang Kejia / China News Service

 Smart parking lot to open soon in Beijing

A technician demonstrates how to operate the parking machine at the new lot. Yang Kejia / China News Service

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