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'A Bite of China' episode 6 highlights HK's outdoor food stalls

Updated: 2014-05-28 14:06
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'A Bite of China' episode 6 highlights HK's outdoor food stalls

A bite of China 

'A Bite of China' episode 6 highlights HK's outdoor food stalls

Director of 'A Bite of China' clears doubts 

The latest episode from CCTV's hit documentary "A Bite of China" features some of the lesser known exotic cuisines from high in the mountains, deep in the seas, and the inner city. Dai pai dong, Hong Kong's outdoor food stalls are highlighted in the episode.

Hong Kong, an international metropolis full of glitzy malls and big name eateries - Yet, even though they are decades, perhaps a century old, the locals still throng to their local Dai pai dong, or outdoor food stalls filled the streets of Hong Kong.

There were hundreds of them in the 1960s and despite their dwindling number, the outdoor street food stalls continue to be celebrated for their traditional dishes and festive atmosphere.

Wonton noodles is on the traditional menu at most stalls at a Dai pai dong. The 6th episode of the season 2 "A Bite of China" features this 60-year-old stall.

"The process of making wonton noodles is very time-consuming. They still stick to the traditional method of making the noodles and use fresh ingredients. All are homemade by hands, keeping the authentic flavor of the dish," said Liu Shuo, director of episode 6 of "A Bite of China".

Today, Hong Kong is one of the hottest tourist destinations in China. Many go there for shopping or sightseeing. But next time you go, how about a feast at a Dai pai dong, a disappearing fixture of Hong Kong street life.

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