Into the wild

Updated: 2014-09-11 14:56

By Yu Ran(Shanghai Star)

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Into the wild

Huang Yifeng (far left) leads a group of children and their parents on a weeklong adventure in the great outdoors. Photos provided to Shanghai Star

City living means many children are removed from the natural world, Yu Ran meets with the head of an innovative new organization that wants to bring people back to nature.

Get back to nature and have some fun. That's the aim of Nature Fun, an organization created by Huang Yifeng, a Taiwanese ecological designer, and his team. Nature Fun wants to encourage children and parents to get closer to nature, helping them take part in outdoor activities to explore the secrets of the wild.

With more Chinese children growing up in cities far removed from the natural world, very few children are able to name insects, flowers or even vegetables.

Huang believes that it is essential to get children out of classrooms and residential blocks and into parks, botanical gardens and zoos to see, touch and feel nature.

Founded in 2013, Nature Fun started its regular activities in Shanghai by inviting children aged six to 11 to observe nature in urban life.

"We began with daytime activities in outdoor venues to guide children to the natural world and teach them how to explore the magic of nature," says Huang.

Into the wild

Into the wild


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