Sino-Indian ties benefit from cooperation

Updated: 2013-01-16 22:33


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The third conference of senior representatives of security affairs of the BRICS countries — Brazil, Russia, India, China and South Africa — in New Delhi provides China and India a good opportunity to promote the healthy development of bilateral relations in the new year, said an article in the People's Daily. Excerpts:

China and India are ancient civilized countries and important neighbors throughout history. The two countries share similar experiences in recent history and have a solid foundation of bilateral relations since the early 1950s.

China and India are both making active contributions to the new global economical and political order.

Despite border disputes, the two countries believe that dialogue and contact are the right means to deepen mutual understanding and trust. The development of bilateral ties has always been on a healthy track.

The cooperation in the economic and cultural fields has yielded win-win results for both sides and further promoted the deepening of mutual strategic trust. A stable Sino-Indian relation is of vital importance to regional prosperity and world peace.

China and India are doing their best to set an example of big countries co-existing peacefully and of win-win cooperation projects.

Big countries should have the wisdom to explore the right means to cooperate.

The logic of some Western countries is based on confrontation. Too many wars have been started due to this logic in various fields throughout history. We hope that all the emerging economies of the BRICS bloc can enlighten the Western powers on the meaning of mutual respect and mutual trust.

Equality and trust are the foundations for cooperation.