Substance is more important than style

Updated: 2013-03-01 21:34


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Citizens are more concerned about economic topics closely related to their interests that will be discussed at the upcoming sessions of the National People’s Congress and the Chinese People’s Political Consultative Conference, says an editorial in Beijing News. Excerpts:

Following a new working style advocated by the new central leadership, the coming two sessions will cut the printing of paper documents, abolish road closures and reduce the time and scale of traffic control when arranging routes of NPC delegates and CPPCC members.

However, besides focusing on saving public funds and paying more attention to striking a balance between the meetings and people’s convenience, the two sessions should also be centered as the political platforms for the people’s appeals and national interests.

Being economical and controlling the sessions’ budgets will adapt our political structure to modern politics. Furthermore, people have higher expectations about what changes and real effects the sessions are going to make.

For example, topics like government reform, housing regulation, social security, income redistribution, urbanization, education equity, judicial justice and anti-corruption are important to all society and directly related to people’s fundamental interests. The public is anticipating serious discussions about these topics on the two sessions.

Predictably, there will be interests games, debates and disagreements, but providing a space for different views, rather than avoiding them, is indispensable for modern political life.

A new style is not the single mirror for new changes, which should also be reflected by how more efficient and effective delegates and members will be in participating in the administration and discussion of state affairs.

Translated by He Bolin