Save food for the world

Updated: 2013-03-01 21:43

By Li Yang (

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The international community has responded positively to China’s anti-waste campaign, because saving food, money and energy is not only a good example of Chinese tradition, but also the common desire of humanity, says an article in People’s Daily. Excerpts:

Consumption is an important part of human life. In modern society, however, excessive consumption, which takes the form of consumerism, ostentatious consumption and self-indulgence, must be limited.

Society must maintain the relationship between consumption and development to a certain extent to make the best use of its resources, while the media and the government should create an environment to encourage this and become role models.

Excessive consumption cannot bring real happiness but exposes the emptiness of the spiritual world.

The food wasted by the whole world in one year is enough to feed 870 million people. This is an appalling figure and reflects how far we are from having a fair world. Pursuing a richer spiritual life should be the rational objective.