3 key words of government's report must be heeded

Updated: 2013-03-07 20:36


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Wen Jiabao delivered his last government work report as premier in the annual conference of the National People's Congress. His report is the shortest one in recent years, but he talked about almost every problem in China's development and gave his suggestions to the next government. In this sense, he has concluded his career as premier with a good report, says an editorial in China Business News. Excerpts:

China's progress will not be smooth, but will see solving one problem after another. The government would be shirking its responsibilities if it were to shun the problems. Wen was frank in his report, in which he addressed the challenges for the Chinese government.

Wen was also right to point out that some of the problems have built up over a long period and cannot be solved overnight or in one sweeping approach. Any effort that would attempt to simplify the solutions would not benefit the country and society's real progress.

But he also suggested three key words that should be shared by almost all rational solutions to the problems: courage, wisdom and forgiveness.

From fighting corruption to treatment of environmental pollution, from income distribution reform to transformation of the economic structure, the three key words accurately point out the difficulties and characteristics of China's problems, which must be heeded by the new government.