China's contribution to the world is positive

Updated: 2013-03-07 20:48


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The West talks about China in a binary paradox framework, "China's collapse", "China's threat", or "China's responsibility", demonstrating the international community's attitude toward China. Two questions are on people's minds, what does China's development and future direction mean for the world? Our answer is that China will adhere to its peaceful development path and China's development benefits the whole world, says an article of Nanfang Daily. Excerpts:

China is a civilized, developing, peaceful country and increasingly a leading power in the world. These identities are not China's wishful thinking but the result of China's development and its adaptation to the world. At a time when the worlds global players are spending more time focused on internal issues, China is still actively contributing its "positive energy" to the outside world.

The prosperity and stability of the world presents opportunities for China and China's development is also the world's opportunity. If China can succeed in continuing on its path of peaceful development depends on its ability to transform the world's opportunities to China's opportunities and vice versa.

China's peaceful development has made a great contribution to the world — this is the strongest reply to the question of what China's development means to the world.

China is not only the most reliable economic growth engine for global economic recovery but also plays fundamental roles in regional and international affairs, calling for peaceful solutions to conflicts. China also seeks to establish new models of relations among big powers and never resort to violence or war to solve disputes with other counties.