Chinese film industry should learns from game companies

Updated: 2013-03-11 19:20


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The international success of China's Internet electronic game industry reflects experience that would be valuable to the Chinese film industry as it pursues a larger market share overseas, says an editorial in the 21st Century Business Herald. Excerpts:

Statistics shows the annual oversea revenue of Chinese films in 2012 was only 1.06 billion yuan ($170.4 million), 48 percent lower than it was in 2011, and the revenue from 2011 fell 42.4 percent from 2010.

China's Internet electronic game exports show the opposite tendency. Exports from 2012 grew 57.5 percent from 2011. In 2010, film exports were nearly twice that of Internet electronic games, but in 2012, the latter is already three times that of the former.

There are several reasons for the change. First, overseas audiences are no longer that interested in kung fu films, a specialty of the Chinese film industry. Secondly, the level of Chinese films has not kept up with changes in the international film market. Some Chinese films are obviously made to earn quick money in China's domestic market. The large market and the government's protection measures weaken the motivation of some Chinese filmmakers.

The Chinese film industry should learn from China's Internet electronic game industry. These game companies are not content with their profits at home, but focus on establishing overseas branches and offer games targeted to foreign customers.