Show no mercy for corrupt officials

Updated: 2013-03-11 19:24


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A special amnesty suggested for corrupt officials is only a compromise that will encourage more graft, according to an article in Guangzhou Daily.

Here are excerpts:

Some scholars studying corruption have suggested pardoning corrupt officials under a special amnesty and that after this China will enforce harsher anti-corruption measures and show zero-tolerance to graft.

They argue that the amnesty can pave the way for corrupt officials to support anti-corruption campaigns in the future, avoiding social turmoil.

The suggestion seems reasonable, but problems are evident. Firstly, the public will not agree to it, as the failure to combat corruption in China is mainly caused by a lack of supervision.

Secondly, a special amnesty will encourage more corruption. So-called zero tolerance does not exist if citizens do not have the power to supervise and balance the government.

The situation varies from one country to another, but it is impossible to copy special amnesties, which have proved successful in some countries, in China.

The most valuable suggestion is to implement a property disclosure system for officials, improve transparency of government budgetary inspection, and reform the government's role to that of a main public services provider.