High expectations

Updated: 2013-03-19 09:08

(China Daily)

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Chinese people have pinned their hopes on the new leadership, says an article by the Associated Press. Excerpts:

Chinese President Xi Jinping takes charge at a time when the public is looking for leadership that can address sputtering economic growth and mounting anger over widespread graft, high-handed officialdom and increasing unfairness. A growth-at-all-costs model has befouled the country's air, waterways and soil, adding another serious threat to social stability.

"I'm very happy. With President Xi leading us, China will be more prosperous and more powerful," said Zhang Rihong, chairwoman of a real estate company from northeastern Heilongjiang province who joined nearly 3,000 fellow delegates to the National People's Congress in Beijing's cavernous, red-carpeted Great Hall of the People. "This is welcomed by all," she said.