Delay certificates should be widespread

Updated: 2013-03-21 10:48


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Many cities’ subway companies provide “delay certificates” or “apology cards” to passengers who are late for work owing to subway delays, which is a good way to increase satisfaction with the public service, says an article on Beijing Youth Daily. Excerpts:

Since March 19, Beijing subway passengers who are late for work because of a delay on the subway can get a delay certificate from the subway station or download one from Beijing subway’s official website. This action shows the subway company has realized the flaws in its services such as signal faults and temporary electrical faults can cause problems for passengers and is willing to make up for it. The move is considered to be good progress in public transportation and indicates the subway company cares about passengers’ needs.

People often face delays when they take public transportation such as the subway or airplanes, which causes them significant bother. Delay explanation documents help pacify complaining passengers to some extent and create a harmonious environment of mutual trust and understanding. Apology cards and delay certificates are used by subways in many cities including Guangzhou, Shanghai and Tianjin.

This is exactly the way public service should go. Social development requires not only standard public services but also public services offered in a humanitarian way. It shows public service providers care abour the users’ feelings and want to make their service better. It will help increase service satisfaction and should be widely popularized.