Milk powder research must be transparent

Updated: 2013-05-03 20:32


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Research by the national dairy association, claiming Chinese milk powder is better and cheaper than foreign brands, is the latest effort to restore consumer confidence, but it is far from enough says an article in Nanjing News (excerpts below).

A series of scandals in recent years surrounding the safety of Chinese-made milk powder have drained public trust in the product, and as a result many parents have resorted to buying milk formula made overseas.

According to the results of the latest research, all 16 domestic products meet national standards, but three of the nine imported products failed to meet standards regarding nutritional content.

However, the results are not convincing. The association fails to identify the testing agency.

The national dairy association also said that since it is not a law enforcement authority, it would be inappropriate for it to disclose the 25 brands tested. The lack of transparency will only undermine the authenticity of the research.

Undeniably, many Chinese consumers blindly favor imported milk formula.

To fully restore consumer confidence, it is necessary to adopt scientific research methods and guarantee transparency in the process.