Construction quality should be guaranteed

Updated: 2013-05-06 21:36


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A stone bridge withstood severe tests in Wenchuan and Ya'an earthquakes because of its excellent design and qualified construction quality, which should be an example to the construction industry, says an editorial in China Youth Daily. Excerpts:

Baosheng bridge, a bridge in Lushan, Ya'an, Sichuan province, has survived both the Wenchuan and Ya'an earthquakes. Although the bridge is quite close to the earthquake focus, it hasn't collapsed during the earthquake. And it has survived falling stones as heavy as 250 tons.

The bridge is so strong because of its excellent design, which is a pride of Chinese bridge construction. More importantly is the contractors' responsibility and strict construction standards. Deng Mingxing, the most famous stonemason in Ya'an, has contracted to build many stone bridges in Ya'an. He and his apprentices follow strict construction standards, which make the stone bridges they built strong and safe.

These stone bridges should be examples that every constructor should learn from. And authorities should strictly supervise construction quality for people's life and security.