Everybody can be a victim without a moral bottom line

Updated: 2013-05-13 14:55


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Everybody can be a victim of toxic food if we don’t maintain a basic moral line, says an article in China Youth Daily (excerpts below).

We often see reports that farmers grow vegetables just for themselves to eat but sell toxic vegetables to consumers.

Employees of food manufacturers never eat the food they produce because they know they are not safe, according to some media reports. But the fact is that no one is safe from toxic food.

We always blame authorities for toxic food and attribute it to some institutional loopholes. It’s true that authorities have the responsibility of supervising and guaranteeing food security, but we should also reflect on ourselves. When we complain about behavior in our society, we must also reflect on our own behavior and maintain a basic moral line of not harming others.


Translated by Wang Yiqing