Time for a fairer system for fares

Updated: 2013-05-13 14:55


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Taxi fares may be increased to take inflation into account but all fare rises must be explicable to the public, says an article in Beijing News (excerpts below)

The Beijing Municipal Commission of Development and Reform issued a notice on May 7 reconfirming that a public hearing will be held on May 23 about taxi fares.

Some proposals are under particular consideration: a of charge 13 yuan ($2) for a trip of less than 3 kilometers, and an additional 2.3 yuan or 2.6 yuan for every kilometer beyond that. A 1-yuan additional fuel surcharge per journey might also apply. Taxis held up in traffic jams during rush hours may be able to add an additional 2 km for every five minutes of delay.

The measures will help raise driver income by an extra 1,400 to 2,300 yuan a month so that they can earn 6,000 to 6,800 yuan a month.

The current fare structure is seven years old and the public generally understand that it is time for a review.

But many factors, not just driver income, have to be taken into account. Public demand, company profits, working hours, vehicle standards and weather conditions are just some of the other considerations.

All parties involved, not just the public, will have to contribute to a more fairer system for fares.

Translated by He Bolin