Who is responsible for the CNPC explosion?

Updated: 2013-06-03 22:41


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A recent explosion at the Dalian branch of China National Petroleum Corp reminded people of its past accidents. An article on Beijing News asks who is responsible for this. Excerpts:

On June 2, an explosion happened in CNPC's Dalian branch. Two people were injured, and at least two others are missing.

That is only one of its accidents. In July 2010, a fire was ignited; within a year, four similar accidents were reported. What is wrong with CNPC's Dalian branch?

We do not mean to blame anyone, but the fact is that after the 2010 fire, CNPC rushed to celebrate "successfully extinguishing the fire" before the company even discovered the cause of the blaze. The local government also remained silent, as if nothing had happened.

Maybe stronger regulations are needed to prevent a sixth accident from happening.