Disadvantaged groups should be heard regarding aged care

Updated: 2013-06-07 20:38


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Authorities should take disadvantaged groups into consideration when setting policies for aged care services, said an article in the China Youth Daily. Excerpts:

Recently, the Ministry of Civil Affairs began to seek opinions from the public for a draft on the establishment and management of aged care institutions.

Officials at the Ministry of Civil Affairs said to the media that authorities encourage social capital and social organizations and individuals to participate in the aged care services market.

The problem of an aging population is very serious in China. According to data from the State Statistics Bureau, in 2011, there were 185 million people above 60 in China, which accounted for 12 percent of the country's population. And the number will rise to 34 percent in 2050.

Aged care is a crucial problem that our society faces. But some disadvantaged groups' voices are always neglected in policy-making efforts. Rural aged care hasn't been included in the social security system, so the interests of rural populations can hardly be guaranteed. If the authorities can't reasonably listen to and consider the disadvantaged groups' demands, the problem won't be tackled successfully.