Overseas military bases not alliances

Updated: 2015-01-14 07:43

By Xu Yao(China Daily)

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Economic considerations are another factor that encourages China to obtain military bases overseas, and the military bases do not necessarily mean deploying tanks, fighter planes or aircraft carriers.

For example, to ensure its energy security, China can obtain a staging post or access to some temporary facilities on the maritime route to overseas oil supply; for financial security, it can establish some information collection centers in certain relevant states; for the security of its citizens or properties overseas, China can negotiate for temporary cooperation sites or emergency stations in the countries' neighboring regions torn by conflict.

All these bases should be strictly limited to cooperation in particular circumstances for special periods, and it is better for the conditions to be stated clearly in their agreements.

If the bases involve military personnel, the pacts should include clear, unambiguous clauses on their rights and responsibilities.

Of course, it is better for China to station troops only temporarily and to shift them regularly, so as to be both practical and flexible on this particular issue.

The author is a scholar from the Party School of the Chongqing municipal committee of the Communist Party of China.

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