Traffic rules must be enforced

Updated: 2015-05-22 07:53

(China Daily)

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Traffic rules must be enforced

One cannot draw squares and circles without a square and compass, as an old Chinese saying puts it. This is exactly applicable to road uses both for vehicle drivers and for pedestrians.

To avoid irregularities, chaos and even violence, abiding by traffic rules is essential.

There have been frequent reports about Chinese drivers' uncivilized, rude and even dangerous driving behavior, some of which have caused tragedies, but it is unfair to say Chinese drivers are the only violators of traffic rules.

Most uncivilized road behavior results from drivers' trying to satisfy selfish interests and their lack of awareness of what price might be paid for their noncompliance with road regulations. So when a driver is stuck on a congested road to the airport, for example, he or she faces a choice between continuing to abide by the road rules and waiting in line or entering the emergency lane, which causes further road chaos and congestion. In this case, to make a choice that is in his or her interests, such as arriving at the airport and boarding the flight on time, will cause traffic rules to be trampled on.

Drivers risk paying a price for violating traffic rules, but most weigh the pros and cons, consciously or unconsciously, when choosing to break them. Some may underestimate the consequence of their rule breaking and thus choose to ignore the rules for selfish gratification. Some drivers ignore the road rules in the belief that they will not be caught in the act by traffic police or on camera.

Such a mindset will surely lead to more incidents. Compliance with the traffic laws and regulations must be enforced, the rule of law also applies to roads.

The above is an abridgement of a People's Daily article published on Thursday.