Leadership shows wisdom

Updated: 2016-11-08 08:25

(China Daily)

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The crystal-clear message of stricter self-governance transmitted by the Communist Party of China at the Sixth Plenum of its 18th CPC Central Committee and its stringent campaign to combat corruption and purify the Party's political ecology have drawn worldwide attention.

That the ruling Party has made stricter self-governance a priority for State affairs displays the foresight and wisdom of its top leadership. The rigorous self-governance drive also embodies the leadership's ambition to realize the rejuvenation of the Chinese nation through further boosting the country's economic and social development and increasing its international influence.

That China has increasingly moved to center stage in world affairs and made ever-bigger contributions to world peace and development is inseparable from the country's strong leadership and the cohesion of the CPC.

An important reason for the Party gaining extensive international praise for its efforts to promote stricter self-governance is that it can help ensure China's sustainable, fast and stable economic development and promote its influence on the world stage.

But how to better promote the self-management of the Party poses a challenging task. Only by advancing with the times and maintaining high vigilance can it overcome the various challenges and tests the country faces and lead the nation to realize the Chinese Dream.

The downfall of a number of corrupt senior and junior officials, the so-called tigers and flies, since the unprecedented anti-corruption campaign was launched by the Party's new leadership after the 18th CPC National Congress in late 2012 is convincing proof of the leadership's sense of responsibility to both the Party and the nation.

The CPC's effective governance theories and practices have contributed to the Chinese people finding their own development path and also enabled it to present the unique Chinese wisdom on governance to the rest of the world.