Tennis world on Li Na’s retirement announcement

Updated: 2014-09-19 13:38


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WTA Chairman & CEO Stacey Allaster:

"Li Na has been a fun, powerful, and wonderful player on the WTA tour and, along with her fans, I am sad to hear that she has retired. In addition to her amazing tennis abilities and her warm and humorous personality, she is a pioneer who opened doors to tennis for hundreds of millions of people throughout China and Asia. It's hard to be a household name in a nation with 1.4 billion people, but that's what Li Na is. Thanks to all she has achieved and contributed, her legacy is immense and I have no doubt that her contributions to the WTA will be seen for decades to come in China, throughout Asia and the rest of the world. I wish her the best of luck in this next chapter in her life. I will miss her, and I know that while she may be retired from competition, she still will play a big role in the growth of our sport around the world."

Qing Shanglin, deputy director of China Tennis Association (CTA):

Li Na's contribution to China's tennis is tremendous. She has set a milestone and provided a rich experience for us to guide young players. She made us work hard with her unprecedented professionalism. We are worried about the lack of potential young players after her retirement.

Zheng Jie, China's Grand Slam doubles winner and singles semifinalist:

Her contribution is obvious. I will always support her whether she retires or not, whether she is my fellow player or friend. She has been playing tennis for all these years. I hope she can find her interest whether she chooses to continue playing tennis or withdraws to domesticity. If she retires, it will be a loss for both Chinese tennis and tennis sport in Asia. No one can top her achievements in Asia.

Zheng Saisai, Chinese tennis player who is in Incheon preparing for the Asian Games:

We should thank Li Na. Without her, no one would have cared about tennis or supported the Chinese players. She made it true what others didn't believe and achieve. Her achievements encourage us to try and do more.

Wu Di, the first Chinese man to play in a Grand Slam event and who is also in Incheon:

Li Na's retirement is unexpected. She has always been considerate toward me as both of us are from Wuhan city. I didn't expect the news so soon, especially as she had asked me about the China Open just days ago. She is a role model for players of our generation and is always a motivation for us. Her achievements do not put any pressure on us, but broadens our horizons as professional tennis player.