Beijing 2022 powered by athletes and designed for athletes

Updated: 2015-07-28 21:35


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KUALA LUMPUR, July 28 (Xinhua) -- A number of Olympians and Paralympians who hold the role of Beijing 2022 Ambassadors have gathered in Kuala Lumpur to show their support for Beijing's bid in the final days of its campaign to win the right to host the Olympic and Paralympic Winter Games.

The athlete delegation includes world-famous Chinese sports stars including three-time Chinese Olympian and eight-time NBA All-Star, basketball player Yao Ming; two-time Olympic free-style skiing medalist and triple world champion Li Nina; Paralympic high-jump champion Hou Bin; and Olympic gold figure skating pair Shen Xue and Zhao Hongbo.

Based on the strong belief that athletes are the heart of every great Games, China's top Olympic and Paralympic athletes have played a key role in designing an Olympic and Paralympic Winter bid that prioritizes the athlete experience.

Fully supportive of bringing the Winter Games and a whole new legacy to China, the athletes have travelled in force to attend the International Olympic Committee (IOC) Session and the bid's final presentation to IOC members, where they will underline how Beijing 2022 will deliver a truly athlete-centred Games.

"Since the very beginning we have worked as one with the bid as athlete consultants to help ensure that all athletes' needs are fully met across the pre-Games, Games-time and post-Games periods," said Beijing 2022 Ambassador Zhao Hongbo. "We are here together with other delegation members to guarantee that athletes will be provided with the best possible sports environment with outstanding venues and excellent services."

During the Games, high-quality services will be provided in areas including training, competition, transport, accommodation, food and beverage, health care and cultural. The bid puts focus on all important details such as barrier-free villages for athletes, efficient and quick transportation to venues and many others.

Beijing 2022 will carefully combine a relaxing environment perfect for competition preparation and a fun, cultural and high-tech environment.

"We want to create a truly memorable atmosphere for athletes. They will even have the unique Chinese New Years' experience - with Chinese cuisine, festive traditions and, of course, surprises," Beijing 2022 Ambassador Li Nina said.

Beijing 2022 is also keen on granting National Olympic and Paralympic Committees access to all venues for their athletes to train and get familiarized with the fields of play at least two winter seasons prior to the Games - all in consistent coordination with the IOC, the IPC and the International Federations.