Changchun World Sculpture Park: a legacy for the future

Updated: 2015-03-27 06:06

By Liu Mingtian(

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Changchun World Sculpture Park: a legacy for the future

Changchun World Sculpture Park [Photo provided to]

Changchun World Sculpture Park, located in southern Changchun and on the north side of the entrance to urban Changchun on the Beijing-Harbin Express Way, is a park in northern China that covers an area of nearly 100 hectares. In this beautiful and picturesque park stand 452 sculptures created by 402 sculptors from 216 countries and regions, making the park a grand venue of world sculpture.

These sculptures of extremely diverse styles and different shapes tell the common aspiration of all human beings, who value friendship, long for peace and always keep spring in the world. As Dutch sculptor Marianne Van Den Heuvel said, "People from around the world will appreciate hundreds of sculptures here which represent the hope for peace, friendship and bright spring." Her work is a huge stone gate, the inspiration for which came from the yangko dance popular among Changchun citizens. She gave her gate a warm name—Changchun Gate of Peace.

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