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Tallest LEGO tower built in Seoul

Updated: 2012-05-14 16:24
By chinadaily.com.cn

In celebration of LEGO's 80th birthday on May 13, LEGO Korea has built a tower taller than the previous world record holder built in France.

With over 50,000 bricks, 4,000 contest winners spent five days building in an event that attracted more than 30,000 visitors. The build took place outside the Olympic City stadium in Seoul, South Korea. On Sunday evening, the Crown Prince of Denmark placed the final, record-breaking brick on the tower that reached 31.9 meters. The previous record for the tallest LEGO tower was 31.6m.

LEGO has had a strong presence in Asia for decades and was the first branded toy in the Korean market. The company hopes events like this will bring families together to have fun and enjoy the power of the brick.

Source: Thenewsmarket

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