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THE WEEK Jan 11: Call it time out

Updated: 2013-01-11 15:32
By chinadaily.com.cn

Announcer likes quarterback's cutie

The national championship game for college football in the United States took place this week, and it was a complete blowout. Like in many one-sided games, the announcers began to get distracted. This time, the 73-year-old broadcaster got infatuated with one of the player's girlfriends, and some people thought his on-air compliments to the woman were a bit over the top. (Since we wrote this story, the broadcaster's company, ESPN, issued an apology for the comments, to which the beautiful woman said was nice but unnecessary. She appreciated his compliments.)

Personal foul for interference

This week was a big one for the sport of hockey. Team USA won the gold medal in a competition for players under 20 years old. And the NHL lockout ended. Even better, during a recreational men's league game in Canada, a drunk woman ran out into the middle of the ice and began stripping in front of players and fans. Someone called the police and had her arrested, because I guess people don't like getting too personal during athletic competition. Just ask the woman who had the chance to touch Oklahoma City Thunder player (and former Kim Kardashian lover) Kris Humphries during an NBA game.

Video game hit man

In China this week, one man became fed up because he believed his unemployed son had become lazy and unmotivated and was addicted to video games. To change his son's ways and get him to look for a job, the man hired a cyber hit man to hunt down his son's character in the game and kill him repeatedly, thinking that would frustrate his son to the point where he would want to stop playing and instead look for a job.

White House pants pooper

Al Roker is a famous network television weather man. In a recent interview, Roker was discussing a stomach operation he had undergone. The video if the interview went viral. You may be wondering why such a boring topic would be so interesting. Well, it's not very often you hear a TV personality admitting to pooping his pants while in the White House.

This wacky world!

Pictures surfaced online of teen pop sensation Justin Bieber smoking what many believe to be marijuana. Looks like J-Biebs is all grown up.

Toyota was one of two companies that announced it would show off its new auto-pilot car at an electronics show next week. Considering Toyota topped the "recall" list for the third time in four years, I'm not sure I would feel safe in their car that drives itself.

A Dutch start-up called Mars One is offering people the chance to live on Mars by 2023. If you apply and are hired, you're on Mars for life.

It turns out our favorite character, Octomom, has once again filed to get money from the government. Apparently the porn movie and strip shows didn't help her too much.

The best viral video of this week was obviously the one of Al Roker admitting to pooping himself in the White House. But the second best video this week was one of a pretty unique percussion arrangement.

THE WEEK Jan 11: Call it time out
THE WEEK Jan 11: Call it time out
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THE WEEK Jan 11: Call it time out
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