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THE WEEK March 8: Celebrating Women's Day

Updated: 2013-03-08 17:51
By chinadaily.com.cn

Celebrating women

March 8 is International Women's Day. Women have done some amazing things in this world. Women's accomplishments throughout history have been influential beyond measure. So to honor their talents and abilities, here are some of our favorite movie clips of women beating the crap out of men. Hehe.

Michael Jordan sued

A woman from the US state of Georgia has filed a paternity suit against Michael Jordan, the greatest basketball player and most famous person in the history of the modern world. The woman claims His Airness is the father of her 16-year-old son. Jordan has countered her suit, seeking damages for what he calls false claims. Jordan has so much power that he could probably manipulate the results of DNA test to show whatever he wants them to. But if he is, in fact, telling the truth, he could end all of the drama with a quick test. And if he does take a DNA test, let’s all hope that he announces the results on The Maury Show. Why? Let us show you.

Journalists swarm Beijing

China's two most important political meetings are underway in Beijing. The biggest story coming out of them so far is the massive swarm of journalists that come in from around the world. And that’s about it.

3-D printing the new "thing"

First we discovered a pen that allows users to draw images in 3-D just like they would with a normal pen. Pretty cool stuff. But then we discovered 3-D printing, which is some of the coolest technology we have ever seen. It’s essentially like any printer that you've seen at home, but instead of using deciphering code that tells it where to print pictures and letters, the codes tell it to print objects. It works by printing millions of microscopic 2-D layers on top of one another, eventually creating a 3-D object. It's the coolest form of manufacturing we've ever seen. It seems that eventually it could literally manufacture everything. Theoretically, it could even manufacture a 3-D printer. Could these be the first robots capable of asexual reproduction? Are robots going to take over the world?

This wacky world!

Iranians are fighting giant, mutant rats after melting snow has forced them from their nests. They're using sniper rifles.

A new study from a UK university says "beer goggles" are not a real thing. That means drinking alcohol does not actually make people appear more attractive. Looks like you'll need a new excuse for the person you slept with last weekend.

A UK couple's amorous turtles sparked a flame that burnt down the couple's garage. While mating, the turtles knocked over a lamp that ended up catching fire.

Australians took to the streets in the nude, riding bikes to promote safety. This kind of thing is becoming way too normal.

And a man in Long Island found himself in court for laughing too loudly. That was probably because he was watching too many episodes of this show. Not!

This week's best viral video comes from a break-dance competition where 6-year-old Terra stole the show.

THE WEEK March 8: Celebrating Women's Day

THE WEEK March 8: Celebrating Women's Day
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THE WEEK March 8: Celebrating Women's Day
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