Artistic feats amid great turbulence

Updated: 2013-04-05 07:47

(China Daily)

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 Artistic feats amid great turbulence

Self-portait in Red Landscape by Xiang Shengmo, 1644. Provided to China Daily

As one of the most dramatic and crisis-filled periods of China's history, the 17th century witnessed droughts and floods, peasant uprisings, the corruption of powerful eunuchs at court, and foreign threats to its national borders.

This turbulence resulted in the collapse of the last native Chinese imperial dynasty, the Ming Dynasty (1368-1644). But it was also an era of extraordinary artistic achievements, giving birth to many accomplished poets, calligraphers and painters.

Deeply affected by the crises and turbulence of their times, many painters withdrew from society and devoted their lives to the pleasures found in nature, art and learning.

The paintings in an exhibition in New York offer a fascinating trip into the private world of these artists. Many of the paintings in the exhibition depict journeys into spacious landscapes or explorations of the natural world. Poems and texts often go with the paintings, written in refined and subtle calligraphy.

Through the exhibition, visitors can get a deeper understanding of the subtlety and elegance of these great artists and experience the timeless beauty that they have created through their work.

Date: March 6 to June 2

Venue: 725 Park Avenue


(China Daily 04/05/2013 page23)