Fired employee opens fire in Texas, killing 1

Updated: 2013-09-30 14:26


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HOUSTON - A disgruntled employee opened shots in broad daylight at a car wash where he worked in Houston area Sunday, killing one people and injuring two others, local media reported.

The shooting happened in the morning at a car wash in Stafford, a satellite city in Houston metropolitan area, local media KHOU reported.

People were washing their cars, getting ready for a major football game when a gunman started shooting.

One employee was killed and two other people were injured in the chaos. The report didn't say whether the injured were also employees or customers.

According to a witness who used to work in the place, the gunman was an employee who just got fired in the same morning. "Somebody got fired today, got pissed off, left came back and shot up the place," Chris Jenkins said.

Police have not confirmed the saying. The conditions of the two injured remained unknown. And it's not clear if the gunman has been taken into custody. None of the identities of the suspect and the victims were released.