France urges Iran to act quickly on nuclear program

Updated: 2013-10-07 08:49


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PARIS - French Foreign Minister Laurent Fabius on Sunday called on Iran to swiftly show concrete gestures to give up its nuclear enrichment program.

In an interview with iTele, Le Monde and Europe1, Fabius said Iran's new President Hassan Rohani, was "elected to make a change ... for the moment there are only open talks but we want action."

"We say yes to the use of nuclear power, but no to nuclear weapons because this would result in an extremely dangerous nuclear proliferation in general, especially in this eruptive region," he added.

During the annual meeting of the UN General Assembly held recently in New York, Rohani promised to open a new diplomatic chapter with Western powers and pledged to address the standoff on the nuclear isue in one year.

Despite Tehran's diplomatic efforts and soften rhetoric, the French top diplomat expressed concerns that Iran could continue nuclear production despite of talks with major powers.

"Talks are a race against time. If Arak reactor would be completed we can not destroy and if Iranians will continue to forge it then discussions with them will change of nature," the minister said.

Iran has been a target of UN sanctions due to its alleged attempts of building nuclear weapons. The West accuses Iran of developing nuclear weapons under cover of civilian nuclear programs, which Iran denied.