Key events in Paris newspaper attack and hostage-takings

Updated: 2015-01-10 04:59


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- Police release photos of the Kouachi brothers amid fears they will strike again. SWAT teams backed by helicopters hunt for them in the Picardie region north of Paris. Nine people, suspected members of the brothers' entourage, are detained for questioning in several regions.

- Fears of a backlash against France's large Muslim community are heightened when grenades and gunfire hit a mosque overnight in the city of Le Mans, southwest of Paris. No one is in the building at the time and no one injured.

- An assailant opens fire on a police officer in a pre-dawn shooting on the southern edge of Paris, killing her and injuring a nearby street sweeper. The suspect is identified as Amedy Coulibaly.

- Police swarm a gas station in the northern Aisne region where the Kouachi brothers are reportedly spotted.

- At noon, bells ring out and Paris public transport stands still as France marks a moment of silence to honor the victims.

- Britain increases security at ports and border points. Authorities put more than 88,000 security forces on the streets of France.

- Four leading French imams and the Vatican issue a joint statement denouncing the Charlie Hebdo massacre.

- In a rare public speech, Britain's top domestic spy chief, MI5 director-general Andrew Parker, calls the Paris attack "a terrible reminder" that some "wish us harm."

- The lights of the Eiffel Tower go out in tribute to the dead.