Li's Davos speech draws praise

Updated: 2015-01-23 00:25

By Ji Tao, Fu Jing and Zhang Chunyan in Davos, Switzerland(

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Li's Davos speech draws praise

Premier Li Keqiang attends the International Business Council of the World Economic Forum in Davos, Switzerland, on Wednesday. Rao Aimin / Xinhua

Nicolas Musy, managing director of the nonprofit organization Swiss Center Shanghai

China will remain a fundamental engine of world growth. If the US grows 3% in 2015, it may retake its traditional locomotive position and add as much GDP as China (due to its bigger economic size). Still, China is essential to the world at a time when Europe, Japan and Russia are not growing, or very little.

I am quite confident that the recipe of Premier Li's is the right one: Innovation will allow high quality growth. Facilitating the emergence of innovating companies like Xiao Mi (taking market share from Apple or Samsung) will be critical for China to continue growing fast.

Bart Dessein, professor at Ghent University in Belgium

Premier Li made an overall reassuring speech on two aspects: China's national and China's international dimension.

For the foreseeable future, the growth path will not change from this ‘new normal'. Focus will be on reforms that unleash the creativity of the people and will, overall, make sure that the well-being of the Chinese people will increase.

Such a new qualitative growth path needs international collaboration. In this respect, Premier Li mentioned that the internationalization of the RMB is only a natural and necessary process, as the importance of China as international trade partner is growing.

Precisely because economic growth is only possible in a peaceful international context, China's growth will not lead to China looking to change the world order. History has taught that only peaceful development brings prosperity. Therefore, also mutual understanding, peaceful coexistence and international harmony are needed.

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