Value-added exports called ready for Chinese market

Updated: 2015-05-18 12:32

By Li Wenfang(China Daily USA)

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Value-added exports called ready for Chinese market

Chinese bulldozers are ready to be exported to Brazil. Machinery is a main export from China to Brazil. Provided to China Daily

Consul general emphasizes variety of Brazil goods, Li Wenfang reports.

Brazil should expand its exports of processed food to diversify the mix of goods sold to China, 79 percent of which are soybean, iron ore and oil products, said Jose Vicente Lessa, consul general of Brazil in Guangzhou.

"We should not focus on primary products," he said.

Brazilian exports to China also include sugar, leather, meat, soy oil, paper pulp and airplanes, Lessa said.

Trade between Brazil and China more than doubled to $83.3 billion between 2009 and 2013. It dipped to $77.9 billion (according to Chinese customs, China-Brazil trade amounted to $86.6 billion) last year partly because of the economic downturn in Brazil, but has since rebounded, he said. "The long-term tendency is growth."

Brazil is the world's biggest producer and exporter of coffee, sugar and orange juice, the biggest meat exporter and the second-biggest producer and exporter of soy products, as well as a major grower of corn.

China is the largest importer of Brazil's agricultural products. In 2014, Brazil's agricultural exports to China represented 22 percent of the South American nation's total agricultural exports.

Starting with imports of Chinese goods to Brazil in 1999, China Invest, which is engaged in facilitating two-way trade, launched its business of exporting Brazilian products to China in 2013.

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