Argentina issues arrest warrant for businessmen involved in FIFA scandal

Updated: 2015-05-29 09:15


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BUENOS AIRES - The Argentina Justice Department issued on Thursday the national arrest warrant for three businessmen involved in the corruption scandal of FIFA (International Federation of Association Football).

Federal Judge Marcelo Martinez de Giorgio issued the arrest warrant following the Unites States Justice Department requested for all security forces in Argentina.

On Wednesday, nine high-level FIFA officials were arrested in Zurich for FBI accusations of racketeering, corruption and money laundering among other things.

Alejandro Burzaco, CEO of Torneos y Competencias, and brothers Hugo and Mariano Jinkis, owners of a sports marketing company linked to the Argentinian Football Association as well as FIFA itself, are the three Argentinians involved in the latest football scandal.

The Argentinians' lawyers asked the judge for "prison exemption", which will be resolved in 24 hours, said the magistrate to the press.

Argentinian Justice is not investigating cases of alleged corruption in FIFA, said Martinez de Giorgi.

The Argentinian Justice only analyzes whether the United States' request meets basic requirements for extradition, such as a one year sentece minimum, no periods of prescription, and that the defendants do not qualify for death penalty, said the judge.

On Wednesday, Argentinian Ministry of Foreign Affairs passed the US Embassy's request for provisional arrest for extradition of Buzarco and the Jinkis brothers to the Justice Department.