Abe gov't forcing war bills triggers anger

Updated: 2015-07-16 09:14


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Brandishing two placards, one depicting Abe as Germany's infamous wartime Nazi Party leader Adolf Hitler, and the other simply stating that the (war-renouncing) Article 9 of Japan's constitution should be upheld, he added: "If these war bills become law, Japan's constitution is meaningless. The law itself becomes meaningless. Democracy becomes meaningless and therefore we may as well erase the past 70 years of peace and tranquility that we've worked so hard to achieve and maintain in this country. "

"It's almost beyond my comprehension what Abe is attempting to do to this country and I say (to you) now, we, the Japanese people, do not support Abe, his cabinet or the entire administration," said Tsunaga.

"We resolutely insist that the bills be scrapped and the constitution defended, for the sake of my wife, my kids, my grandchildren and all my kinfolk in Japan. We reject all of this. We reject war. We reject Abe," Tsunaga proclaimed, his voice clearly audible above the beating drums and united rally cries from thousands of individuals and civic group members, all simultaneously denouncing Abe and his war bills.

Tsunaga's sentiments echo around the nation, as evidenced by a plethora of opinion polls taken by major media outlets as well as private institutions and research groups, all confirming that more than half of this peace-loving island's population of 127 million citizens are opposed to Abe's plans to expand the scope of the SDF and want liberty and a government bound by its constitution restored in Japan.

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