Kris Wu's long legs trigger envy

Updated: 2015-06-23 12:02


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Kris Wu's long legs trigger envy

A man surnamed Wu in Zhejiang was spotted for driving while on an intravenous drip. [Photo/Weibo]

Man drives while on intravenous drip, phone

A particularly negligent driver in Wenzhou, Zhejiang was caught driving down a highway while on an intravenous drip and on the phone.

On June 20, local traffic police spotted a pole sticking out of a car window, with a bag of fluids on it, on the Shenyang-Shanghai Highway. After chasing the car, the police were shocked to find that a male driver was chatting on his cellphone held in his right hand, in addition to using his left hand to drive and support the pole that carried his fluids.

Asked why he was driving so dangerously, he said he could handle it, and was rushing to another city 40 kilometers away.

He was fined 150 yuan and had 4 points deducted from his driver's evaluation system, for driving while answering the phone and being on an intravenous drip.

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