China slams US human trafficking report

Updated: 2013-06-21 13:31


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China's Foreign Ministry on Thursday slammed a US State Department report on human trafficking and said no country in the world has the authority to grade other countries with such ratings.

"China has made concrete efforts in fighting domestic and transnational trafficking and achieved remarkable progress," China's Foreign Ministry spokesperson Hua Chunying said at a news conference in Beijing. "China has constantly improved domestic legislation, enhanced law enforcement and judicial measures and better cooperation with other countries in this regard."

In its annual human trafficking report, the US State Department placed China, along with Russia, at the lowest level, Tier 3, which means China and Russia are among the world's least efficient in fighting forced labor and sex trafficking.

Russia also believes the US report is politicized and hampers the work of law enforcement agencies in other countries, according to a statement from its Foreign Ministry.

"Such politicization of the trafficking issue, arbitrary ranking of the countries based on political sympathy or antipathy, and drafting lists of 'guilty ones' hampers the work from law enforcement agencies in our countries and their cooperation," said Konstantin Dolgov, the human rights envoy for Russia's Foreign Ministry.