Illegal Shanghai stay costs foreigner 10,000 yuan

Updated: 2013-08-08 02:08

By WANG ZHENGHUA in Shanghai (China Daily)

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A foreigner who stayed illegally in Shanghai for 33 days has been fined 10,000 yuan ($1,600), the largest fine issued in the city and the maximum allowed since the Exit-Entry Administration Law took effect last month.

The foreigner, identified by police only as Peter, was fined on Tuesday by the city's immigration inspection authority.

Airport police with the immigration inspection department gave the man a detailed explanation of the rules listed under the law, the Shanghai General Station of Immigration Inspection said on Wednesday.

He was also told that he has the right to demand a hearing on his fine, but the station said he was sorry he had stayed in the city illegally and raised no objection to the penalty.

Under the provisions of the exit-entry law, which took effect on July 1, foreigners who stay in China illegally will be given a warning. For offences of a serious nature, a 500 yuan fine will be levied for each day they overstay, with this amount not exceeding 10,000 yuan. The maximum fine for overstaying under the previous regulation was 5,000 yuan.

Instead of a fine, overstayers can be detained for between five and 15 days.

In a related development, by July 1 some 5,800 foreigners had benefited from the new policy that allows overseas passengers to stay in Shanghai visa-free for 72 hours. The policy took effect on Jan 1.

Airport figures show that US residents took most advantage of the policy, with 920 making three-day visa-free stays in Shanghai in the first half of the year. The United States was followed by Australia, Germany and New Zealand.

Other countries with more than 400 residents benefiting from the policy in the first six months include France, Britain and Canada.

From the start of the year, residents of 45 countries, intending to visit a third country and holding air tickets to continue their trips, have been allowed to stay in the city visa-free for three days.