Way to go for China, Japan

Updated: 2013-10-25 10:10

(China Daily)

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Q & A: Yuji Miyamoto

The China-Japan relations have been stuck in a stalemate since September 2012. People of insight in the two countries are pooling their wisdom, trying to find solutions to the situation. China Daily Tokyo Bureau Chief Cai Hong had an interview with Yuji Miyamoto, adviser to Japan's Ministry of Foreign Affairs and former ambassador to China before the 9th Beijing-Tokyo Forum, which is due to convene in Beijing on Oct 26-27. Miyamoto is also chairman of Tokyo's Miyamoto Institute of Asian Research.

Way to go for China, Japan
Co-organized by China Daily and Japan's Genron NPO, the annual event has become an important channel to communicate between the two countries.

What do you think China and Japan should do to break the deadlock at present?

At this stage of the economic globalization and interdependence, China and Japan the world's second-and third-largest economies hold the inescapable responsibilities for peace and development of the whole world. A stable cooperative relationship between China and Japan is one of the keys to achieve this common goal of world community. Thus they, bearing this big picture in mind, should spare no effort to break the current deadlock. The question is to what extent do they clearly comprehend this big picture and measure their responsibility and mission accordingly. The future of the China-Japan relations depends on the degree of their sense of responsibility and mission. I believe, where there is a will, there is the wisdom to guide us.

What should the two countries do to prevent their relations from running with ups and downs in the future?

We must establish the unshaken belief that the good cooperative relations between China and Japan best serve our national interests. Then we must correct the defects in our relations, namely the unbelievable level of misunderstanding between us. Both have a distorted image of the other side and feel offended. They should try to see the true selves of people on the other side. To this end, they need to redouble their effort to address their issues in a manner comprehensible to the other side. Therefore, it is necessary for us thoroughly to study the other side's situations. If not, we don't even know what a manner is apprehensible to the other side.

What do you think of the rise of China?

The rise of China should be welcomed. Given the part China had played in the human history, it is inevitable that China is a rising nation of the capability to lead. The issue is what kind of a big power China will be. What China has affected Asia and the rest of the world in the past is not simply the political influence behind its economic and military strength. Chinese culture is the main source of China's influence. It is evident to all that the culture of the Southern Song Dynasty (1127-1279), rather than the Ming Dynasty (1368 -1644)or the Qing Dynasty (1644-1911),had set the deepest marks in Asia. China should sharpen its cultural and civil power. I'm looking forward to the day when the world's universal values will be something with the "Chinese characteristics".

China and Japan are close neighbors separated only by a strip of water. How shall they get along with each other?

We are neighbors who can never move away, so we must get along. These days voices of people become increasingly important. So let our peoples judge the other side with tolerance, fairness and objective. We should understand with a cool head that the other side is in a different situation and holds different views with their reasons. As far as I know, most of the Chinese and Japanese are good people. If these kind-hearted people have chances to meet, they can become friends. If national feelings are improved , the bilateral relations could be mended. Let's expose ordinary Japanese and Chinese to each other. The Japanese never forget the history. The Chinese appreciate the post-war Japan. Then we will be able to recover our good neighborhoods soon.